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About Us

Bamboo Lounge is a locally owned and operated restaurant and a part of a larger local restaurant and catering group with outlets such as Thailicious Restaurant, The Lunch Room Cafeteria, The Lunch Room Catering, Ugly Duckling & Darwin Catering Company.

Owners Romal Shrestha and his mother Madhu Shrestha were born in Nepal, but have been living in Darwin for over 2 decades! Romal has always had a love and passion for food. “I made my first omelette when I was 6 and was really excited to be able to cook. I can’t remember how it tasted but I remember how it felt to cook something. That feeling is why I still love what I do today.” 

At Bamboo Lounge there is a strong commitment to quality local produce, and you will still see the family every Sunday chatting and picking fresh vegetables with local farmers at the Rapid Creek Markets.

In creating the menus Romal works closely with his Indonesian, Thai and Nepalese chefs.“Its really a team effort,” says Romal. “We brainstorm ideas, started to cook things, and refine the recipes by trying different ideas and ingredients until we find the right balance. This is the food our family and our chefs grew up with. We built on our favourite foods, and then developed the menu from there. So we have tastes from all over Asia, but with an authentic home-style approach.”

Bamboo Lounge is open 7 Days a week, Dinner from 5pm to 9pm. 

Catering is also available for all corporate and social functions and event in collaboration with its sister catering business Darwin Catering Company. 

Bamboo Lounge Logo
Bamboo Lounge Logo
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